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Kills 99.99% of pathogens - Including COVID-19

Effective on over 140 types of pathogens

Sanitizing Commercial, Retail, Government & More

Anasphere Plus

Anasphere Plus

(Disinfectant, Virucide, Fungicide, Mildewstat)

NOTE: Anasphere Plus meets EPA criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and is listed on Health Canada's website as an effective Disinfectant for COVID-19.

Anabec Anasphere Plus is a Hospital Grade pH neutral (as pure as water), phosphate free disinfectant, fungicide, mildewstat and virucide which is free from harmful acids or sodium hypochlorites (bleach). With an impressive 140 plus kill claims against a variety of pathogens. Anasphere Plus a product that clearly stands out from the competition.

The Anasphere Plus formula is engineered to be positively charged. Because cells of all pathogens are negatively charged, the science behind Anasphere Plus allows it to attract to the organism much like a magnet and effectively destroy them.

Anasphere Plus has undergone extensive testing to verify the 99.999% effectiveness against over 140 pathogens - View full Kill List.


  • Sold in 1 Quart Bottles (concentrated solution)
  • Safe for Porous and Non-Porous surfaces
  • Mild Pleasant odour
  • Non Acidic
  • Low pH

Ways To Apply:

  • Airless Sprayer
  • Spray bottle/rag
  • Mop/Bucket
  • Pump sprayer
  • Fogger

NOTE: This product is NOT for use on CPVC pipes and fittings.

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csd IMPORTANT: Download the Chemical Safety Data Sheet for Anasphere Plus

stop IMPORTANT: Anasphere Plus™ is NOT FOR USE ON CPVC Piping and Fittings

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