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Anabec Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Healthy Indoor Solutions is a Proud Canadian Distributor for the Anabec line of Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Solutions.

For over 26 years Anabec has been manufacturing the highest quality of products for Mold Remediation, Biohazard Cleanup and Commercial/Industrial Disinfection and Sanitization. All Anabec products are backed by an exceptional Warranty for your peace of mind.

We are trained and experienced with microbial remediation and committed to serving you by recommending the best products for your particular application.

We Have A COVID-19 Solution

Our Solution Disinfects And Cleanses COVID-19

Anabec Anasphere Plus is a unique Hospital grade disinfectant that has been EPA registered for over 140 kills which is one of the highest kill rates for pathogens on hard surfaces. This product was tested against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and was EPA registered as killing the virus even on contaminated surfaces. Refer to the Anasphere Plus section for more details. .

Anasphere Plus

Disinfects And Cleanses COVID-19

The unique and powerful formula behind Anasphere Plus is engineered to be positively charged. The cells of bacteria, fungi and viruses are negatively charged which allows Anasphere Plus to attach itself (much like a magnet) to the outer cell walls of microbial pathogens, thereby destroying them.

Offering the best science the world has to offer, combined with an impressive 140 plus kill claims, Anasphere Plus is designed to be the most effective microbial disinfectant on the market today.

Anasphere Plus is sold in a concentrated formula which can be applied in many different ways, making it a cost effective powerful defence against COVID-19.